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Legal issues related to Family and Real Estate law can be the source of a lot of frustration and emotional stress. Don't deal with these issues alone — work with an experienced, highly-trained professional attorney in the Bay Area today. When difficult times arise, The Law Offices of Roger L. Meredith is here to help you.

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Roger L. Meredith

Attorney at Law

After obtaining his law degree in 1978, attorney Roger Meredith spent years serving clients in a wide variety of practice areas before making the decision to start his own private firm and focus on family law and real estate cases. Roger served as a college professor and graded bar exams for over 10 years — adding yet another layer of experience to his unique portfolio. With a broad base of legal knowledge, Roger provides skilled guidance to clients in San Francisco and throughout the greater Bay Area of California. For family law and real estate matters, Roger possesses the knowledge needed to make a difference in your case.


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Compassionate Direction

Whether you are going through a divorce, child custody dispute, seeking child or spousal support, or facing an important family business or real estate decision, having a knowledgeable attorney by your side who is dedicated to pursuing a favorable outcome for you can make all the difference. You and your situation are unique, and at The Law Offices of Roger L. Meredith, you will receive services tailored to fit your needs.

Extensive Experience

With over 40 years of experience, including a Ph.D. and time spent as a college professor, attorney Roger Meredith has the knowledge and insight you need to position yourself to seek a positive and satisfying result in your case. Roger is an experienced legal advocate who will guide you through the complexities of the legal process and explain your available options. Give yourself peace of mind by working with a seasoned professional.

When Life Presents Trying Times, Lean on an Experienced Attorney

Sometimes in our lives, we are confronted with unexpected or unpleasant complications. Family legal issues or real estate matters can feel overwhelming in their importance and complexity. When you are facing these situations, you can turn to the knowledge and skill of an experienced attorney in the greater bay area.

At The Law Offices of Roger L. Meredith, you can feel confident in the guidance and counsel you receive in your family law or real estate case. From divorce and child custody to family business matters and real estate transactions, let attorney Roger Meredith provide the direction you need to pursue a favorable result.

For over four decades, Roger Meredith has been helping clients in the Bay Area of California navigate complicated family and real estate legal matters. You may be facing the most trying and difficult period of your life, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hands of a seasoned attorney.

For divorce, child custody, same-sex divorce, child or spousal support, family business matters, or real estate cases in the San Francisco area, your best option is to go with experience. Let Roger provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions. Contact The Law Offices of Roger L. Meredith today to schedule a free consultation.